This is where
science & technology
have driven trading decisions
for over 20 years.

A different approach to trading

Think tank,
not shark tank.

Quantlab is an established, successful automated proprietary trading firm where talented minds go to attack interesting, challenging problems. We’re different, both culturally and structurally, from a typical trading firm. The attitude here is collaborative, not cutthroat. Decisions are driven by science and technology. We trade our own money, so there’s no selling. No customers. No distractions. Researchers focus on research. Technologists focus on technology. And brilliance is supported, celebrated and rewarded.

What we bring to the industry

Where innovating to
increase trading
speed and performance
is a shared passion.

Pushing innovation further

A place where
the best get better.

At Quantlab, the pace is fast and rigorous. We’re highly competitive, but never with each other. People work in teams, and individuals can shine. Here, whether you’re a scientist, software developer or engineer, you can focus on what you do best, and do the best work of your career. You’ll immerse in a continuous process of discovery with brilliant minds who will push you constantly to raise your own bar. And you’ll get real-time, binary feedback—you’ll see how your work impacts the bottom line, immediately, every day.

What we bring to the markets

Where brilliant
thinkers are set free
to discover and break
new ground.

Thriving and hungry for more

Grow with us.

We operate in a variety of markets worldwide, with a 20+ year track record of consistent success. At Quantlab, we're proud of our performance, and we're hungry for more. We're driven to grow, as a company and as individuals, and we invite you to grow with us.

What we are looking for

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